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OPCORE is rigid EPS foam for packaging and insulation.


There's a better way to protect your products . . .

and your brand.

OPCORE-G is GPS rigid foam made of Neopor from BASF.

Recyclable Graphite Polystyrene Foam Insulation


OPCORE is rigid EPS foam for packaging and insulation.

Recyclable insulation solutions that actually insulate.

OPCO OPCORE OPCORE-G EPS Recyclable Protective Packaging and Thermal Insulation

Who is OPCO Inc.?

OPCO designs and fabricates:

  • light-weight, recyclable protective packaging for valuable and/or fragile products

  • high R-value, recyclable thermal insulation


OPCO is vertically integrated back to raw material production and quality control. Packaging and insulation products are made from recyclable rigid foam produced in-house.


OPCO produces two brands of light-weight recyclable foam:


  • OPCORE®-G GPS made of NEOPOR®.

OPCORE is rigid EPS foam for packaging and insulation.

What is OPCORE?

OPCORE and OPCORE-G are 100% recyclable rigid foam materials produced solely by OPCO with performance and quality certified by OPCO Inc., 3rd party laboratories and independent certification agencies.  These materials contain up to 98% air.

your Brand



Why is all of this important to your business?

Why do we go to so much effort to ensure quality of your protective packaging or thermal insulation solutions? We know the solutions we develop with you protect more than just your product or insulate more than just the building. . . they protect your brand and your reputation.


We believe our quest for quality can help you reduce costs, improve your brand integrity and impress your customers.


What should you do next?

Just click the link below and Tell us about your next protective packaging or insulation project.  We'll give you some ideas on next steps and you can decide your best path.  And, rest assured, we never share your contact information outside of the company.