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Graphite EPS Rigid Foam

Ideal for these applications:

  • Building Insulation 'Boards'

  • Insulated window profiles 

  • Insulated doors

  • Exterior foundation insulation

  • Passive House Certification

* Graphite, which naturally reflects radiant heat energy, is embedded in the polymer matrix of most graphite-enhanced EPS rigid foam.

OPCO was one of the very first 'rigid foam molders' to work with gen 1.0 GPS materials. Our 15 or more years of experience has taught us how to process this unique material in a way that maximizes particle-to-particle fusion. This means, with OPCORE-G, R-value and board strength are maximized, and dimensions are consistently accurate, according to specification.


Reference Information

OPCORE-G TDS 202301.png


Technical Data Sheet

OPCORE-G R-5 Thermal Insulation for New and Existing Buildings.png


R-5 Thermal Insulation for New and Existing Buildings

OPCORE-G Construction Specification Guide.png

OPCORE-G Specification Guide for Construction


ICC-ES ESR 4522 for OPCORE-G Graphite-Enhanced Thermal Insulation Boards

Material Characteristics

OPCORE-G is an ideal material for space-constrained insulation applications, because the material can achieve similar insulating performance in a profile 20% thinner than white EPS.

This is because OPCORE-G contains high-purity graphite wholly contained and widely distributed within the polymer foam matrix.



This means OPCORE-G is more effective, for a given thickness, than white EPS at keeping packaging contents cold (or warm)...or it means you can ship more product in the same box size...or it means you can specify a longer transit time for cold storage containers.

The same equivalent-performance-in-a-thinner profile is true for building insulation products that leverage OPCORE-G's relative insulation performance.


The point is, for the designer of cold-storage packaging and buildings, OPCORE-G provides greater design freedom to optimize the variables of space, time, distance and temperature to realize optimal economics for a given temperature-control challenge.

Graphite slows the flow of heat through the material by holding-on to radiant energy. This phenomenon is more pronounced when the R-value is measured at a lower mean temperature, as shown in the chart.

OPCORE-G Product Options

Just choose your size, density, and shape.



  • 48"t x 48"w x 96"l

  • tolearance as low as 1/8" with 1/4" typical


  • minimum 0.25"t


dense foam graphic.png


  • 3.o pcf

0.9 pcf foam graphic.png


  • 0.9 pcf



  • boards cut to specified length, width, thickness, tolerances.


  • cut-outs, profile cuts

  • glued build-ups

  • multi-density laminates

Questions?  We'd love to help.  Call us at 800-229-6726.

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