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High Quality EPS Rigid Foam

Ideal for these applications:

  • Protective Packaging

  • Thermal Protective Packaging

  • Thermal Insulation

  • Structural Insulated Panels

* Here's why we say OPCORE is 'High Quality'.

OPCORE rigid foam is made from 100% virgin material. This means particle-to-particle adhesion is maximized and density is uniform throughout the foam. And, that means better dimensions, better strength, better performance in your application.

Not all white EPS is made from 100% virgin material.

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Reference Information

OPCORE TDS 202301.png


Technical Data Sheet

OPCORE Protective Packaging 202301.png


Protective Packaging


OPCORE Rigid Thermal Insulation.png


Recyclable Thermal Insulation Applications

Technical Bulletin - Long Term R-Value LTTR.png

Long Term R-value Technical Bulletin

Material Characteristics

OPCORE WHITE rigid foam is used for protective packaging due to it's outstanding impact resistance and crush performance.


OPCORE rigid foam is also a powerful insulating material for it's weight.  It exhibits an R-value of 3.85 per inch of thickness and any given cubic inch of foam will contain about 98% air.

OPCO OPCORE is dimensionally accurate and consistent

Dimensionally Accurate

OPCORE EPS Rigid Foam is dimensionally accurate to 1/32 of an inch in thickness and 1/16 of an inch on dimensions between 4” and 96”.  While this means your product will fit perfectly in every package, the real advantage to you is impact protection is maximized…every time and all the time.

Other notable attributes

  • High compressive strength

  • High load bearing capacity

  • High resiliency

  • Excellent durability

  • Low water absorption

  • Resistant to bacteria & mold

  • Zero ozone depleting potential

  • 100% recyclable and reusable

  • Long-term stable R-value

OPCO OPCORE G isi impact resistant rigid foam for protective packaging

Impact Resistant

OPCORE EPS rigid foam packaging is designed in collaboration with you: to protect, insulate and cushion products while stored or when shipped. Designs are prototyped and tested to meet your performance requirements. Protection is proven when it matters…before your ship your first product.

Image - Water Droplet and Leaf.jpg


OPCO, Inc. has recycled millions of pounds of EPS foam. But that’s just part of the story. OPCORE manufacturing processes are designed to utilize recycle content if specified by the customer.. Most importantly, OPCORE is completely recyclable as #6 plastic, right out of the box.

OPCORE Product Options

Just choose your size, density, and shape.



  • tolearance +/- 1/16"

  • 36" x 48" x 192" or 216"


  • 0.25"t


dense foam graphic.png


  • 3 pcf

0.9 pcf foam graphic.png


  • 0.9 pcf



  • boards cut to specified length, width, thickness, and tolerances.


  • cut-outs, profile cuts

  • glued build-ups

  • multi-density laminates

Questions?  We'd love to help.  Call us at 800-229-6726.

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