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Thermal Insulation for Buildings & Building Products

What's Important to Consider

There's laboratory R-value and then there is installed R-value over the long-run. Unless your insulation lives in the R-value measurement lab, it's important to consider what can affect R-value of your building product or rigid foam insulation board.

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Stable R-value

Modern Architecture

Dimensional Accuracy

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We take care for what's important: effectively and cost-efficiently slowing the flow of heat where needed.

OPCORE and OPCORE-G demonstrated 100% retention of R-value over five years per ASTM C1303 / CAN/ULC-S770.  Learn more about this in our Long-Term R-value Technical Bulletin, below and in our library.

Save time, $ and achieve a consistently better installation with our rigid foam available pre-cut per specification to the 16th of an inch.

In addition to being HFC-free, both OPCORE and OPCORE-G rigid foam are fully recyclable at OPCO, Inc. and other locations listed at:

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We produce rigid foam boards cut to specified length, width, thickness, and tolerances and custom fabrications, including: cut-outs, profile cuts, glued build-ups, multi-density laminates.

As boards, ready-for-use in buildings

  • ​XPS replacement above and below grade (shown)

  • Roof & Attic

  • Under slab & Perimeter

  • Above Grade Walls

  • Interior & Basement

Cut to shape, for use in building products

  • Hollow Window Profiles

  • Doors

  • Insulated Siding

  • Multi-layer Laminates

  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

Technical Data

OPCORE TDS 202301.png


Technical Data Sheet

OPCORE-G TDS 202301.png


Technical Data Sheet


OPCORE Rigid Thermal Insulation.png


Recyclable Thermal Insulation

Technical Bulletin - Long Term R-Value LTTR.png

Long Term R-value Technical Bulletin

OPCORE-G R-5 Thermal Insulation for New and Existing Buildings.png


R-5 Thermal Insulation for New and Existing Buildings

OPCORE-G Construction Specification Guide.png

OPCORE-G Specification Guide for Construction



ICC-ES ESR 4522 for OPCORE-G Graphite-Enhanced Thermal Insulation Boards

OPCO UL BRYX.14462 Foamed Plastic.png

UL BRYX.R14462 Foamed Plastic

OPCO UL TGFU.R14462 Roofing Systems.png

UL TGFU.R14462 Roofing Systems

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Explore other ways to use our
rigid foam materials.

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