Neopor from BASF R5 per inch is OPCORE G rigid foam



OPCORE-G is GPS rigid foam made of Neopor from BASF.
OPCORE is rigid EPS foam for packaging and insulation.

Recyclable Rigid EPS Foam

R-3.85 Thermal Insulation

OPCORE EPS is dimensionally stable.

Dimensionally Accurate

Quality matters. OPCORE-G GPS Rigid Foam meets stringent 3rd party performance and quality certifications. It was the first GPS board (Graphite Polystyrene) listed on ICC-ES ESR-3463. It is dimensionally accurate to 1/32 of an inch in thickness and 1/16 of an inch on dimensions between 4” and 96”. This means fewer problems during installation, a more consistent thermal envelope and fewer callbacks.

OPCORE EPS manages water and moisture.

Water Management

Water and moisture are ever-present, so managing their presence is paramount to a building's longevity. OPCORE-G GPS Rigid Foam can keep bulk water on the outside. And, the material lets water vapor move through it at a higher rate than rigid foam boards of equivalent R-value made from other materials. Greater water vapor permeability can help reduce the risk of vapor condensation inside the wall.

OPCORE EPS is recyclable rigid foam.


It's a fact that OPCORE-G GPS Rigid Foam is recyclable as a #6 polymer compound. A more significant advantage of OPCORE-G rests in the reduced use of resources in the manufacture, transportation and use of OPCORE-G products. Comprised of up to 98% air and containing no ozone-depleting CFC's, OPCORE-G is always at work reducing energy expended for heating and cooling interior spaces.

OPCO collaborates with customers to deliver protective packaging and thermal insulation solutions.

The OPCO Guarantee

Since 1986, OPCO’s success has been built on robust business processes. Our team takes pride in everything we do - from rapid delivery of prototype designs to the manufacture of the highest quality protective packaging and thermal insulation solutions.

OPCORE-G is GPS rigid foam made of Neopor from BASF.

OPCORE-G R-value

Recyclable Rigid GPS Foam


R-5 Thermal Insulation

OPCORE-G GPS is made of Neopor from BASF R5
OPCORE-G GPS R-value vs Rigid Foam Density

All the benefits of OPCORE EPS plus a greater R-value per inch, particularly at low temperatures.

OPCORE-G GPS Rigid Foam can achieve the same thermal insulation performance in a profile up to 20% thinner than insulation made of OPCORE becuase it's R-value is up to 20% greater than that of OPCORE. OPCORE-G contains high-purity graphite wholly contained in a polymer matrix. By absorbing radiant energy, the graphite slows the flow of heat through the material.. This phenomenon is more pronounced when the R-value is measured at a lower mean temperature as shown in the chart below.

Is your application thickness constrained?

OPCORE-G GPS Rigid Foam is ideally suited for applications where the thickness of the rigid foam insulation is constrained and a high, long-term stable R-value is required. OPCORE-G is comprised of a graphite within a polymer matrix and air - so it's R-value is stable over the long-run. And, with an R-value greater than traditional EPS, particularly when measured at low temperatures, it's hard to find a better material when thickness is constrained.