The OPCO Difference is Proven with our customer's successes.

Experience + Teamwork + Process. The OPCO Difference for EPS foam.
More than 30 years of development experience.
You are a part of the solution...from the beginning.
Processes to get it done right.
Recyclable, cost-effective solutions
with carbon footprint reduction.
It all begins with OPCO Collaboration.
We innovate with you, for you.
Our business processes enable us
to exceed your expectations.

Let's put our experience in creating successes to work for you.

How great would your product damage and warranty claims look if your packaging supplier was interested in collaborating with you at the start of your product development cycle?
How much more comfortable would you be in a building insulated with insulation that becomes more powerful as the temperature drops outside?
OPCO, Inc. has been helping it's loyal customers for nearly three decades discover the value in exploring, together, these questions.
While our manufacturing and continuous improvement processes enable both high performance and a superior sustainability story, it's the fact that OPCO solutions are put to work protecting your brand, your reputation and your products that's of the greatest interest to us.
That's why we're interested to collaborate with you at the beginning of your product development cycle.
We'd like to tackle your challenge. Drop us a note and we'll contact you.
Interested to evaluate OPCORE or OPCORE-G rigid foam? 
Collaboration with Opco on EPS foam and EPS insulation improves quality and saves money
OPCO OPCORE EPS Protective Packaging and Thermal Insulation

Recyclable Rigid Foam

OPCORE G EPS Thermal Protective Packaging and Thermal Insulation is made of NEOPOR from BASF

so much more

than the material

they're made from.



Rigid Foam

OPCORE G is made of Neopor GPS from BASF
There are rigid foams, and then there's OPCORE. 'OPCORE' is, at the end of the day: a quality philosophy, a voice-of-customer design methodology and OPCO material selection experience. OPCO brings these elements together with proprietary manufacturing processes to deliver a superior recyclable solution to your protective packaging and thermal insulation challenges.
First and foremost, we take quality seriously. The processes used to manufacture OPCORE and OPCORE-G enable the finished rigid foam to meet stringent performance requirements. As a result, most OPCORE and OPCORE-G products are certified by multiple 3rd party independent laboratories and certification agencies.

OPCORE Solution Selector Guide

ICC-ES ESR 3463 Graphite Enhanced Rigid EPS Thermal Insulation
QAI Laboratories audits OPCO manufacturing processes for EPS foam and EPS insulation
OPCORE EPS and OPCORE-G GPS meet UL GreenGuard requirements
OPCO is a member of SIPA, providing EPS and GPS rigid foam insulation to SIP manufacturers.
NTA audits OPCORE EPS and GPS rigid foam for use in Structural Insulated Panels
OPCORE-G GPS made of Neopor is rated by NFRC for use in doors and windows as thermal insulation.