OPCORE is rigid EPS foam for packaging and insulation.



In our 30+ years

of fabricating protective packaging solutions, we realized some companies

care alot about

the product they are shipping to their customers.


That's why we ask

3rd party laboratories to certify our manufacturing process and it's output to stringent quality standards.

OPCORE is EPS that is dimensionally accurate and consistent.

Opco produces 3rd party-certified EPS and GPS rigid foam materials and fabricates protective packaging for fragile and valuable and temperature sensitive products.


And, that's just the start of what's different about OPCO.


Our approach to your packaging challenge may be differently than what you're used to. Put simply, we base our success on your success criteria.


Our packaging solutions are designed differently. Each design starts with your impact performance requirements. This means impact protection for your product has a higher value to OPCO than internal manufacturing efficiencies. 

Our packaging solutions are manufactured differently. Opco employs proprietary manufacturing technologies to remove barriers which can limit impact performance of typical packaging solutions.
Our packaging solutions are optimized to enable sustainable practices and to protect your product. OPCO manages the relationship between foam density, part design, impact performance and if needed, resistance to the flow of heat to maximize product protection and minimize resource use.






OPCORE is rigid EPS foam for packaging and insulation.

Recyclable Rigid EPS Foam

for Protective Packaging

OPCO OPCORE is dimensionally accurate and consistent

Dimensionally Accurate

OPCORE EPS Rigid Foam is dimensionally accurate to 1/32 of an inch in thickness and 1/16 of an inch on dimensions between 4” and 96”.  While this means your product will fit perfectly in every package, the real advantage to you is impact protection is maximized…every time and all the time.

OPCO OPCORE G isi impact resistant rigid foam for protective packaging
OPCO OPCORE and OPCORE G are recyclable rigid foam for thermal insulation and protective packaging

Impact Resistant

OPCORE EPS rigid foam packaging is designed in collaboration with you: to protect, insulate and cushion products while stored or when shipped. Designs are prototyped and tested to meet your performance requirements. Protection is proven when it matters…before your ship your first product.


OPCO, Inc. has recycled millions of pounds of EPS foam. But that’s just part of the story. OPCORE manufacturing processes are designed to utilize recycle content if specified by the customer.. Most importantly, OPCORE is completely recyclable as #6 plastic, right out of the box.

Opco collaborates with customers to improve quality and cost

The OPCO Guarantee

Since 1986, OPCO’s success has been built on robust business processes. Our team takes pride in everything we do - from rapid delivery of fabricated prototype designs to the manufacture of the highest quality protective packaging and thermal insulation solutions.


(The bird in the picture is a Pygmy Owl.  Pygmy owls are pretty and may be extra-wise.)

OPCORE-G is GPS rigid foam made of Neopor from BASF.
OPCORE G is made of Neopor from BASF R5

Recyclable Rigid GPS Foam


Thermal Insulation

for Thermal Protective Packaging

OPCORE-G GPS Foam R-value

All the benefits of OPCORE

+ improved cold temperature R-value in a thinner profile.

OPCORE-G GPS Rigid Foam can achieve the same thermal insulation performance in a profile up to 20% thinner than insulation made of OPCORE. OPCORE-G contains high-purity graphite wholly contained in a polymer matrix. By absorbing radiant energy, the graphite slows the flow of heat through the material.. This phenomenon is more pronounced when the R-value is measured at a lower mean temperature, as shown in the chart below.


This means OPCORE-G is more effective than OPCORE at keeping packaging contents cold...or it means you can ship more product in the same box size...or it means a longer transit time for cold storage containers.


The point is, for the designer of cold-storage packaging, OPCORE-G provides greater design freedom to optimize the variables of space, time, distance and temperature to realize optimal economics for a given cold package challenge.