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OPCORE Protective Packaging:  accurate and consistent dimensions, outstanding impact protection and a superior sustainability story.


  • EPS foam board or sheet

  • Rigid Foam Insulation or Packaging

  • Molded or Fabricated Packaging Inserts

  • Neopor Rigid Foam Insulation

When delivering pristine product and demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices is important...OPCORE protective packaging and OPCORE-G thermal insulation  

  • OPCORE is recyclable.

  • OPCORE is 3rd party certified by independent laboratories and agencies.

  • OPCORE is produced only by OPCO.

  • OPCORE is a cost-effective, high-performance material suitable for Protective Packaging and Thermal Insulation

OPCORE®: Made so differently, it's completely certifiable.

3rd Party Certified Rigid Foam Materials which enable better thermal insulation solutions - based on your success criteria.

OPCORE and OPCORE-G thermal insulation solutions are designed differently. Each design starts with your performance objectives. This means optimized thermal protection for your building has a higher value to OPCO than internal manufacturing efficiencies. 
OPCORE and OPORE-G thermal insulation solutions are manufactured  differently. Opco employs proprietary manufacturing technologies to remove barriers which can limit impact performance of typical rigid thermal insulation solutions.
OPCORE and OPCORE-G recyclable thermal insulation solutions are optimized to enable sustainable practices and to insulate a buidling. OPCO manages the relationship between foam density, component design and R-value performance to maximize sustainability and thermal protection.
  • Closed-celled, low-density material

  • Lightweight and does not add significant weight to your shipment

  • Superior thermal efficiency and long term thermal performance

  • Low moisture absorption

  • High compression strength

  • Exceptional durability

  • High-load bearing capacity

  • Ease of use, shape, and cutting

  • High resiliency

  • Excellent shock and impact absorption

  • Resistant to bacteria, mold, oil, grease, and chemicals

  • Tear, puncture, and shatter resistant

  • zone friendly and CFC free

  • Excellent cushioning and protective characteristics

  • Great dimensional stability

  • Cost and labor efficient

  • Recyclable and reusable

  • sustainability

    • mass​

    • ozone

    • GWP

    • CFC free

    • recyclable

    • reusable

  • strength

    • compressive​

    • durability

    • impact absorption

    • tear / puncture

    • shatter

    • load bearing

    • cushioning

  • environment

    • water​

    • ​chemicals​

    • mold / bacteria

    • ​uv​

  • physical

    • color​

    • density

    • melt point

    • dimensional stability

  • thermal

    • R-value​ immediate value

    • R-value long-term

At the core of solutions developed with, and for, you is OPCORE: our 3rd-party certified, recyclable, high-performance rigid foam.


OPCO collaborates with customers to design and manufacture recyclable protective packaging and recyclable thermal insulation solutions.


Collaboration, at the beginning of our customer's product development cycle, is at the heart of our mission to increase the value of your brand, your repuation and your products.


We think this approach provides our customers with a better solution.  Our loyal customers seem to think so as well.


The material for our solutions to your challenges is produced by OPCO and certified by 3rd party laboratories and independent agencies. We call our quality-certified, recyclable, high-performance material OPCORE.

While this enables accurate and consistent dimensions, outstanding impact protection and insulating well as a superior sustainability story, it's the fact that OPCO solutions is protecting your brand, your reputation and your products that's of the greatest interest to us.


With OPCO and OPCORE®, you have access to high performance, yet cost effective, recyclable solutions for fabricated protective packaging and thermal insulation.


Learn more about what makes OPCO different.

OPCO designs and fabricates protective packaging and thermal insulation solutions from OPCORE.


OPCORE is material produced in-house and performance and quality certified by 3rd party laboratories and agencies.


Why do we go to so much effort to ensure quality?  

We know Opco solutions protect more than just your product . . . they protect your brand and your reputation.


We believe our quest for quality can help you reduce costs, improve your brand integrity and impress your customers.


Come and learn more about what makes OPCO and OPCORE different.

"We discovered right away a marked decrease in damaged goods with the OPCORE material and the new design. And, Opco's fabricated design saved us from the expense of tooling."


John Doe, MicroPart Systems

Our goal is to develop customized OPCORE solutions in close collaboration with our commercial and industrial customers.


To help you discover the value OPCORE can provide to your business, we're standing by with evaluation samples, ready to ship to you free of charge.


Simply fill out the form sample request form.  Please fill in the fields as specifically as possible to ensure the fastest and most accurate response.


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