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Protecting Your Keep-Warm and Keep-Cold Products

What's Important to Consider

Our temperature-stabilizing protective packaging reduces the risk that your product exceeds a specified temperature and/or is damaged by impact, before it reaches your customer.


R-value at 30F

Green Farm

Enabling Sustainability

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Dimensional Accuracy

OPCORE-G R-value measured at 25F is 8-10% higher than when measured at 75F.

This means you can maintain temperature longer without increasing foam thickness.

OPCO, Inc. is committed to helping you enable ever-greater sustainability.

Our materials increase your capability to meet end-user environmental stewardship goals.

Proper cut & fit between panels can increase the insulation power.

That is why OPCO Rigid Foams are best.

We take care for what's important:

protecting your temperature-sensitive products.

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Thermal protective packaging solutions can be produced from high R-value OPCORE G, high recycle content Dalmatian OPCORE (shown) or standard OPCORE white EPS.

Our wide range of solutions enable one-stop-shop procurement.

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Thermal and impact-resistant protective packaging for temperature-sensitive products

  • Boards cut to specified length, width, thickness, and tolerances

  • cut-outs, profile cuts

  • glued build-ups

  • multi-density laminates




Technical Data

OPCORE-G TDS 202301.png


Technical Data Sheet

Dalmatian OPCORE TDS 202209.png


Technical Data Sheet

OPCORE TDS 202301.png


Technical Data Sheet


OPCORE-G Thermal Protective Packaging 202301.png


Temperature Stabilizing Protective Packaging

OPCORE Protective Packaging 202301.png


Protective Packaging

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rigid foam materials.

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