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Insulating Panel Cores

What's Important to Consider

It seems like a simple thing to do...make a flat, dimensionally-accurate foam insulation core.


But, like with most manufacturing, achieving the same high quality result, repeatedly, is where the challenge resides.  Our experience in optimizing rigid foam manufacturing and fabrication processes really shines in the SIPs factory and on the SIP job site, where quality issues associated with OPCORE and OPCORE-G insulated panel cores are noticeably absent.

Learn more about our dimensionally-consistent panel cores for SIPS.

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Dimensional Accuracy

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ICC-ES & UL Compliant

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R-value Options

With OPCORE SIP CORES, you can concentrate on other parts of your SIP Manufacturing business, Home Building business or Architecture Practice.

The processes used to manufacture OPCORE and OPCORE-G enable the finished rigid foam to meet stringent performance requirements. 


As a result, most OPCORE and OPCORE-G products are certified by multiple 3rd party independent laboratories and certification agencies.

SIPS Core dimensional accuracy and flatness are critical for SIPS manufacturing operations.  

Our dimensionally consistent SIP Cores improve both plant productivity, and installed product quality.

There is no higher quality standard for SIPS Cores than the performance criteria in the ICC-ES report for SIPS Cores.

Our OPCORE and OPCORE-G SIPS Cores are ICC-ES & UL compliant. We're pleased to offer this level of quality to our customers. 

Architects need design freedom. We can help you meet that need.

Put more R-value & SIPS thickness options in your product line with our graphite-enhanced OPCORE-G cores.

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Our SIPS panel cores improve productivity of SIPS manufacturing operations because our panels have very low variation in dimension and flatness from specification.

Learn more about our dimensionally-consistent panel cores for SIPS.

Technical Data

OPCORE TDS 202301.png


Technical Data Sheet

OPCORE-G TDS 202301.png


Technical Data Sheet




Thermal Insulation Cores for Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS).png

Thermal Insulation Cores for Structual Insulated Panels

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Explore other ways to use our
rigid foam materials.

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